Arcadis wins an environmental award for work on Hinkley CA project

December is awards time, even in the environmental engineering world. The attached news release describes how Arcadis U.S. Inc has won an award from the American Council of Engineering Companies for the company’s work in assisting PG&E on the whole house water supply program in Hinkley.

Residents will recall how this program was initiated in the spring of 2012, and recently terminated October 31, 2014, primarily as a result of California’s drinking water standard for Chromium-6 being set at 10ppb, and number at which, none of the residences in Hinkley presently exceed. However, the issuance of this award provides testimony to the quality of engineering talents and services PG&E is dedicating to manage the grand solution for Hinkley’s Chromium-6 groundwater situation.

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