Independent Review Panel (IRP) Manager

The IRP Manager provides technical assistance, regarding PG&E’s groundwater remediation program, to the Hinkley community and the CAC.

The scope of work for the IRP Manager position includes, but is not limited to the activities described below:

  • Perform day-to-day administration, facilitation, coordination and management of the process for providing independent third-party technical expertise to the Committee and the community.
  • Act as a liaison between the IRP and the community, Committee, PG&E and the Water Board.
  • Develop and get agreement on a process for identifying, selecting, requesting qualifications, interviewing and selecting technical experts.
  • Manage panel of experts in specialized fields.
  • Establish a process and protocols for ensuring transparency and independence (including firewalls and reporting).
  • Interpret and provide simple explanations of technical verbiage, documents, issues and statements.
  • Attend and participate in monthly Committee meetings; coordinate/schedule appropriate technical experts to attend.
  • Assist with expert panel’s review of key technical documents and compile feedback; report to full Committee.
  • Manage contracting issues; ensure adherence to scope and budget.
  • Track and as requested respond to inquiries regarding technical issues directly from the community as well as from Committee members.
  • Prepare monthly IRP report to full Committee that includes a list of all contacts and communications for the month.
  • Establish and maintain a local information repository and/or online library accessible to the community.
  • Be responsible for entering into a Contract with the Consultant Expert(s).
  • Be responsible for monthly invoicing to PG&ampE and payment of Consultant Expert(s) invoices.
  • Assist with the resolution of disputes or questions that may arise.

View PG&E’s original Request for Qualifications for the Independent Review Panel Manager.