IRP Manager’s Photo Report for the Hinkley Community Concerning Cr6 Plume Remediation

The IRP Manager Staff Continues Outreach with Community Members During the March Community Breakfast at the Hinkley Community and Senior Center. Shown below is IRP Manager’s Staff, Halil Kavak (left) at Penny Harper’s (right) Plant Sale Table.

The IRP Manager’s Staff Discussing Some of the Upcoming USGS Field Activities with Community Members at the Community Breakfast.

Dr. John Izbicki and USGS Staff Collecting Groundwater Samples During the 2nd Annual USGS Sampling Event. 33 monitoring and domestic wells were sampled in March 2016 as part of the USGS Background Study.

Dr. John Izbicki and Staff Preparing Groundwater Samples. Samples Were Shipped to Various Labs for Specific Analyses. Below is a Look Inside the USGS Mobile Sampling Lab.
USGS Mobile Lab

PG&E Operates a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) at Properties PG&E has Purchased in Hinkley. The Plan Describes Site Conservation Management Activities…More of Which are Described on the Next 5 photos…
Amend11_Hinkley-SWPPP_abridged version_031416-75

The Site Conservation Management Plan (SWPPP) is Especially Operable at the Flower and Mulberry St. Locations…

…Which the IRP Manager’s Staff Visited. Specific Site Locations Were Determined from Database Information Supplied to the IRP Manager by PG&E.

Fencing at the Boundaries of Properties Owned by the Company. The Lots Have Been Hydro-seeded to Control Erosion and Runoff.

PG&E Land Along Flower Street, Prepared for Hydro-Seeding, as Part of the SWPPP Program.
swppp 01

PG&E Placed Wood-chips on Properties Along Mulberry Street to Preserve Moisture in the Soil, Thereby Better Allowing Grasses to Grow in an Arid Environment. Such Action will Eventually Decrease Soil Erosion and Reduce Dust.
swppp 02

IRP Manager Staff Provides a Technical Update at the April 28, 2016 Hinkley Community Meeting.

Long-time Hinkley Community Resident Penny Harper Presents a Summary of the Promise Zone Grant Process, Which Could be Used to Bring Monies to the Hinkley Community.

The IRP Manager Continues to Use Illustrative Models to Explain the Features of PG&E’s Cr6 Groundwater Remedy to the Hinkley Community.
around the model

A Backroom at the IRP Manager’s Office has been Transformed into a Library of Groundwater Remediation Project Information for Community Members. Community Members can Visit with the IRP Manager and in this Relaxed Setting to Learn More About the Cr6 Groundwater Remediation Program. Local Hinkley resident, Margaret DeAngelis, has been working with the IRP Manager’s Team, especially on local outreach and communication matters. Full credit goes to Margaret for the setup of this room at the IRP Manager’s office, and the organization of many project illustrations, which have been formulated over the last 4 years.